USFN Reference Publications

USFN publishes a broad selection of reference publications for the mortgage servicing industry. Some of them are accessible digitally via paid subscription; others are available for purchase in print. Available digitally are USFN's Successors In Interest National Reference Guide and two state-by-state timelines matrices: (1) Foreclosure Timelines Matrix™ - excerpted from The NMSRD™, which is a convenient resource for quick state-by-state reference; and (2) Eviction Timelines Matrix™ - with state-by-state coverage concisely addressing eviction steps and estimated timelines, as well as personal property disposition. Additionally, four desk guides (covering bankruptcy, foreclosure, manufactured homes, and REO/eviction with state-specific information for all 50 states and D.C.) are offered in print.
The USFN member-contributors to these reference publications research their topics in an effort to provide subscribers with current information. However, USFN and its members cannot be responsible for any reliance on the information contained in these publications, and no attorney-client relationship is created or exists between subscribers and authors. ALWAYS verify the contents with independent legal counsel.
USFN is a not-for-profit, national association of mortgage banking law firms and associated vendor members. Founded in 1988, USFN is comprised of professionals in foreclosure and bankruptcy legal practices from across the nation in a single resource network of information, service, and professional practice. Through its numerous committees and work groups (including ones on bankruptcy, education, legal issues, publications, and REO/eviction) the collective strength of USFN offers comprehensive services to the mortgage banking industry. For further information about USFN, go to
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